Installing Drush on Windows

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This lesson will teach you how to install Drush on Windows.

Installing Drush on windows might be bit tricky compared to installing it on a *nix system. But with this guide you would be able to install Drush on windows. Let's start!

For instructions on how to install Drush on Linux or Mac OS, see these instructions.


1. First install Composer. Its a dependency management tool for PHP.

2. Download it from here . Follow the on-screen instructions and it will install Composer and set up your PATH so that you can just call 'composer' from any directory in your command line.

3. Open your Command Prompt and type 'composer' (without quotes) to verify the installation. You will see a list of commands.

4. To install Drush type the following command and press enter.

composer global require drush/drush:8.*

Note: Only Drush 8 supports Drupal 8, support from other versions has been taken away.

5. After Composer has installed Drush, re-open the Command Prompt and type 'drush' or 'drush.bat' (without quotes) to verify your installation. You should see a list of Drush commands.

6. Navigate to your Drupal 8 website directory using the 'cd' command.

7. Now here type 'drush core-status'. It should return you the version of your Drupal installation.

So you have successfully installed Drush on Windows. Follow the ladder to learn more about Drupal.

Have a good day!


For those working on Drupal 8, such as many of the Google Summer of Code students, note that you will need Drush 7 to use drush in Drupal 8. There is no Windows support for Drush 7 at the moment. If you want to use Drush with Drupal 8, you therefore need to either use Ubuntu (dual boot or in a VM like VirtualBox) or Mac OS.

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