Drupal Ladder Style Guide

We use the general Drupal.org Content style guide as a baseline for all writing and editing.

Several points from the Drupal.org guide to be highlighted are:

  • Avoid talking in the first person (i.e. do not use I, me, we).
  • Use American spelling.
  • Paths and navigation should indicate all of the navigation items clicked, as well as the URL for the destination (e.g. Structure > Blocks > +Add block (admin/structure/block/add)).

Guidelines that are specific to DrupalLadder.org are:

  • Add images by creating an issue in the Drupal Ladder issue queue, and uploading the image(s) there. You can then link to the image from the Drupal Ladder lesson on this site.
  • In the Prerequisites section of a lesson, if there is more than one prerequisite, they should be listed in an unordered list (ul), and links to resources to fulfill the prerequisite should be included, if applicable.
  • In the Overview section of a lesson, there should be one paragraph explaining what the lesson is about and what the intended goal is.
  • If there are external resources to point to, they should be listed in the Overview section, under the introduction paragraph, and with a "Resources" heading using a strong tag.
  • Steps should always be written in an ordered list (ol) so that they are numbered. If there are different sections within the steps they should be broken up with a heading using the strong tag, and the ordered list numbering starting from 1 again.