Get involved

How can I get involved?

It looks like you want to help out! That's great!

As soon as you register on the site you can leave comments on existing ladders and create new ladders. The lesson authors need your help.

  • Conduct functional testing of lessons. Go through the steps to see if the lesson works.
  • Suggest improvements. Take screenshots of steps, or clarify any confusing language.
  • You can also create new ladders and lessons. Read the Drupal Ladder style guide

Check out this introductory video for DrupalLadder

Do you want to shout from the rooftops about DrupalLadder?

Use the hashtag on twitter: #DrupalLadder to announce events, share photos from events and help promote contribution.

Do you have a quick question or want to chat?

Login to #drupal-ladder on IRC to chat with the Drupal Ladder contributors.
More about IRC:

Do you want to run a Drupal Ladder sprint?

On you can get help and mentoring to find out how to run your own Drupal Ladder sprint, either a learning sprint or an issue sprint.

Want to report a bug you found on

On a lesson: Leave a comment

You can report problems with specific lessons in the comments on each lesson.

  • Write a clear report of what you found and any remedies you recommend.
  • Change the status, if neccessary, for example to “Needs revision.”

After you leave your comment, the lesson owner will roll in your changes and delete your comment after the problem is resolved. Or, your comment will be put into the DrupalLadder Issue queue to be assigned and completed.

On the site: Distribution Issue queue

The entire DrupalLadder site is available for download with the entire application, code and lesson content. If you find a problem with site content or functionality, you can file it as an issue within the project itself. The DrupalLadder distribution project page:

On the issue queue for the distribution you can:

  • Report bugs on the distribution.
  • Report bugs about itself.