A message for Drupal Meet-up attendees!

Are you involved in a Drupal meet-up? Take 5 minutes to run this short "lighting talk" and tell people about Drupal Ladder. You can watch this 6 minute video to help you practice and prepare what to say.

Download the keynote version or Download the PPT file.

Play it right here in your browser:

There is also this 10-minute Ladder introduction video from the Drupalize.Me Learn Drupal Ladder series, which you can just play at an event if you are not comfortable presenting.

Drupalcon Munich Presentation (August, 2012)

Drupalcon Denver Presentation (March, 2012)

Learn Drupal Lightening Talk, DC meetup (April 9, 2012)"

Drupalcon Munich Presentation


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Drupalcon Denver Presentation

DrupalCon Denver presentation slides (PDF)

Learn Drupal Lighetning Talk, DC meetup (April 9, 2012)

Google Presentation slides