Facilitating Issue Sprints, In Brief

If this is your first time planning an issue sprint, read through the full list of instructions instead. This is the abridged version to act as a checklist for experienced facilitators.

Schedule A Sprint

  1. Gauge interest.
  2. Find a venue.
  3. Get it on the calendar.

Preparing for the Sprint

  1. Get an account on drupalofficehours.org (aka doh.org).
  2. Read the mentor instructions and the facilitator instructions.
  3. Poke around drupalofficehours.org and just get a feel for it.
  4. Identify issues for your attendees to work on.
  5. Identify some issue team leaders.
  6. Load the issue team leaders into the issue tracker.

Running the Sprint

  1. Give a quick introduction to the Drupal Ladder.
  2. Give a quick outline.
  3. Do quick introductions.
  4. Suggest that attendees log into IRC.
  5. Ask attendees to create an account on drupalofficehours.org.
  6. Have attendees pair up.
  7. Get down to business yourself.

Misc. Advice

  • Find and load tasks into doh.org before the sprint.
  • Recruit team leaders personally before the sprint.
  • If you can, feed people at the beginning of the sprint, since well-fed developers are happy developers.
  • Issue sprints are a two hour activity. Less than two hours isn’t enough time.
  • When scheduling the sprint, make it clear that people should come ready to work.