Drupal Core Ladder

To track your ladder progress you will want to create an account on this site: http://drupalladder.org/user/register. This ladder teaches essential skills for contributing to Drupal 8 Core. Start on the bottom rung if you are a beginner, and climb as you acquire the skills and knowledge described in each lesson. Contribute your improvements at drupal.org/project/lessons.


Completed "Install Drupal locally" and "Install Git" rungs.

I had successfully installed drupal8 in my local machine

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I am turning my attention back to the Drupal ladder. I was heavily involved in this project when it started a few years ago, and it remains a great resource for bringing people up to speed on the technical aspects of contributing to drupal core. The Drupal Ladder is a collection of lessons organized step by step like a ladder that walk you through the basic tools and processes used by the Drupal community.