How to Facilitate a Learn Sprint

Before you begin your first Learn Sprint please take a moment to contact the Learn Sprint Captain: Karyn Cassio (techgirlgeek): or IRC: techgirlgeek or Twitter: @techgirlgeek

Learn Sprint Goal

One hour should be enough time for everyone to: Take the next step on the ladder, identify an issue or two that can be worked an upcoming next issue sprint, or contribute a lesson.


A learn sprint is a one-hour activity for Drupal User Group meetups. It's part of a community-wide effort to get 1% of active users on contributing to Drupal core by 2014. The goal of the activity is to help members of the group work their way up the Drupal Contribution Ladder. Whether participants are total Drupal newbies or expert module developers, this is an activity with something for everyone. The activity works like this: People identify where they are on the Drupal Contribution Ladder, then they pair up to work through taking the next step on the ladder by following the exercises in the linked lessons. If there are people in your group who aren't interested in the lessons on, these people can spend the hour helping identify issues for an upcoming issue sprint (explained below) or work on contributing a new lesson to

How To

  1. Give an overview of the activity (you can use the one above)
  2. Instruct everyone in the group to create a user on
  3. Instruct group to visit the Drupal Contribution Ladder and identify where they are on the ladder
  4. Ask people to pair up in two-person groups to work through the next lesson on the ladder (self-organizing according to what lesson they're going to be working on). People who prefer to work on contributing, rather than follow a lesson, can help find issues for an upcoming an issue sprint or work on submitting a new lesson to

Tips & Pitfalls

  • When scheduling this event, let people know they should bring their own laptops to the meetup, and remind often.
  • As attendees to make sure they get accounts on BEFORE the meetup.
  • Start the meetup by doing a rung on the ladder yourself as a demo.
  • Help everyone find a lesson or activity, then sit down to work on a lesson or activity yourself. This sets the tone: Nobody's "too cool for school".
  • Have people pair up. Two-person pairs generally work best.
  • If you're going to recommend people use a ladder other than the Drupal Contribution Ladder, please review it before the event. is still a work in progress and rough around the edges while it's in development. You can help make this a successful event by looking a the things your group is going to look at, and help them navigate.