Modify user email templates

Draft status not available -- AWAITING PEER REVIEW
This lesson will teach you to modify the content of account emails that are sent to users.

Drupal sends account notification emails to your users when actions are taken on their account. For example, a welcome email is sent when the account is created, a password recovery email is sent if the user forgets his or her password, and a cancellation notice can be sent when an account is cancelled. The content of these emails can be configured by a site administrator.

  • Install the Learn Drupal distribution.
  • Log in as an admin user who has "administer users" permission.
  1. In the admin section of the site, click on Account Settings in the People section.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the form, to the E-mails section.
  3. Click on the "Welcome (no approval required)" tab at left to open the form to modify this email. This is the email that's sent to users who register on the site, when new accounts do not require approval from an admin user.
  4. Modify the message subject and body. For both of these fields, you may use tokens, which are placeholders that are replaced when the message is sent. For example, the default text for this email begins with [user:name]. When the email is sent, this will be replaced with the name of the user to whom the email is being sent. The available tokens are listed below the form; click on the arrows at left to expand the groups of tokens and see all of the options.
  5. Repeat this same process for any of the other emails, listed as tabs at left. A brief explanation of each email is shown above the Subject input box when you click on the tab.