Installing Drupal 8 on Windows XAMPP

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This lesson is a guide that explains how to install Drupal 8 in Windows and to run it in XAMPP.

Drupal 8 is a CMS that can be run on different operating systems that have a web server installed. In this tutorial, you will find useful commands and tips that will help you to install Drupal 8 on Windows and to run it using the web server provided by XAMPP application.

  1. Download XAMPP from
  2. Install XAMPP on your local machine.
  3. Start web server and mysql server.
  4. Download git from and run the installer.
  5. From Git Setup Select Components window check Context menu Entries => Git bash here and Git gui here.
  6. Finish Git installation.
  7. Open Git Bash window and navigate to web server root directory.
    Run the following command:
    cd C://xampp/htdocs
  8. Clone latest version of Drupal 8.
    git clone --branch 8.0.x drupal8
  9. Access the following link http://localhost/drupal8 from your favourite web browser.
  10. Select your preffered language and the custom installation profile.
  11. Add information about the database server, site database and database credentials.
  12. After all core modules are installed, complete the form regarding the site configuration.
  13. Enjoy Drupal 8.