Introduction to the GSoC

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This lesson gives information about contributing to Drupal in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC).


The Google Summer of Code is a program for university students that gives an introduction into the world of open source. You MUST be a college student at an accredited university to participate. GSoC takes place in the summer and offers stipends to students in exchange for writing code for open source projects, like Drupal.

  1. Read the Getting-Started page.
  2. Read New Contributor Handbook.
  3. Read General requirements for all Summer of Code projects.
  4. Read HOWTO: Write a Summer of Code proposal
  5. Join the Google Summer of code group on Drupal. It is updated with latest news and announcements about the competiton.
  6. Look out for Ideas page ideas for projects.
  7. When you figure out an idea for a proposal, discuss this idea with a mentor. To do this, hop onto the irc channel #drupal-google and ask about your idea. NEVER be afraid to ask questions. You can see the list of Drupal IRC channels on this node.If you are not able to get in touch with mentors please seek help of GSoC org admins (Slurpee, cs_shadow,Slashrsm) for drupal. You can find them on #drupal-google or you can contact them directly through their drupal contact page.
  8. Add yourself as interested student on project idea page
  9. It may seem tedious and unnecessary to read the provided resources, but taking the 5 minutes to read these is essential. The contest is very selective so becoming familiar with Drupal before choosing and writing your proposal is critical as it will help set you aside from others. While going through this ladder, keep in mind that you will be writing a proposal for a project and look for issues that interest you. Writing your proposal about something that you are passionate about is the key to getting accepted into the Google Summer of Code.
  10. You can also find more about Drupal ladder here.

Note that this step does not need to be completed before finishing the rest of this ladder. In fact, it would be very helpful to have some experience with Drupal before diving into selecting your project because this would help you figure out the types of projects that would be interesting.


It was a good idea to provide an example of accepted application.Now it can be a guide for my GSOC application.

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It clears 90% of my doubts about choosing drupal organization for GSoC .. I like it short and simple :)