Find related modules

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This lesson covers tips for finding modules that might be similar to the project you intend on submitting.

When coming up with an idea for a new contributed module it's important to take the time to research what other modules provide and determine whether it is best to ask to be a co-maintainer of an existing module, write a helper module, or write a completely new module.

  1. Search for modules that provide what your idea for a module might accomplish. Make sure to set the status to "All projects."
  2. Install the module(s) and and read through the code to familiarize yourself with what it offers.
  3. Search through the module's issue queue for feature requests that might be related to your module idea.
  4. Ask in your local drupal irc chatroom if others know of an existing modules that provide the functionality you are looking for (optional).
  5. After doing your homework, it is time to decide whether your module idea is worth pursuing or whether it would be better to help improve an existing module.

    If your idea is best added to an existing module contact the maintainer of the module check out this handy page on joining forces with others.

    If you feel your idea is worth of its own module it's worth determining if it should be a stand-alone module or a helper module to an existing contributed module. An example of a helper module is Media: YouTube, which extends the functionality of the Media module.

    If your module idea should stand alone as its own module go ahead and move on to the next rung in the ladder.