Student/Mentor Conflict Resolution

Ready for review -- AWAITING PEER REVIEW

What if the mentor feels that student is not working hard enough with the project?
Mentors should not be scared to discuss students who are not making progress. Lack of progress should be brought to the attention of the student at the earliest. Mentor and student, both can discuss and reanalyse the goals of the project if both agree that the project is difficult.
If the student is still struggling, organisation administrators will fail a student only after providing multiple chances for the student to redeem themselves.

In case the student and the mentor disagree on the difficulty of the project, the matter should be brought to the attention of the org admins who will resolve the conflict.

What if there is a strong difference of opinion between mentor and student on a matter which is blocking the progress of a project?
Final decision is left to the org admins. They will intervene in the matter and try to resolve the conflict.

What if a student disappers?
We plan to have a weekly "All hands meeting" which will essentially be a SCRUM involving all students and mentors. Drupal's GSoC administrator will personally be responsible for conducting this meeting every week in two different timezones so that students from across the world are able to attend at least one of the two. If a student missed more than two meetings, he'll be failed automatically.

Maintaining updates with meetings is essential to the success of any project and will be considered in student evaluations. Example, if a student is disappearing around midterms and mentors have thoughts of failing the student, the number of missed SCRUMs and update posts will be utilized to build evidence. At the opposite end, a student that attends every single meeting on time with quality update posts, but continues to struggle with the project may lead one to wonder if the project was too difficult.