Create roles to manage content

Draft (work in progress) -- AWAITING PEER REVIEW

1. Visit admin/people/roles.
2. There is a table containing the list of default roles, towards the bottom there is an input field.

3. Type in the name of your role, in this case 'content manager' and click 'Add role.'
4. The page will confirm that the role has been successfully added. Now you will see it in the table of roles.
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5. Next you'll want to edit the 'content manager' permissions by clicking 'edit permissions.'
6. You'll be presented with a long form with various checkboxes for the multitude of permissions that Drupal has available. For a content manager type of role, the permissions found in the screenshot should suffice to allow the users with this role to edit/delete/curate site content.
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7. Once you've set set the permissions for the role, next you'll be adding the role to the existing user (link to create user). Visit admin/people and click on the user you wish to edit.
8. Scroll down to where you see your sites roles and check the checkbox next to 'content manager.'
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9. Scroll to the bottom of the form and hit submit.