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We have understood the concept of GCI. Now we'll be learning how you can work in GCI as a mentor. We'll look at how you can become a mentor, how you can create tasks and how you can edit tasks.


1) If you are interested in becoming a mentor for GCI, visit: and contact the Drupal's Google Code-in organizer. Email the organizer and let him know that you are interested in becoming a mentor. You would soon receive an email like:

Please remember that you need to have a Google account in order to register and create a profile with the contest. If you don't have a Google account, you will need to sign up for one at

You will need to fill in your name, email address, home address, and other optional information. You can also fill in your shipping address (if different from your home address) for any items that will be mailed to you during the contest.

Once you have created a profile you will be taken to the invitation to become a Mentor link for Google Code-in. Press the "Accept" button. The page will refresh and you will get a confirmation.

You can then click on My Dashboard to see your new list of available options for Google Code-in.

2) Congratulations! You are now a mentor. You can now view all the tasks for all the organizations for which you are a mentor on the My Dashboard -> All tasks for my organizations page.

You can then view a task by clicking on the name of the task in the list and visiting the View Task page.

3) You can also create a new task for your organization by visiting My Dashboard -> Create Task. Your task must be approved and then published by your Organization Administrator before it will become publicly viewable and available for Students to claim. Once it is published and publicly viewable, the Student can click on its name in the task list, view the task, and then request to claim it. If the Student requests to claim the task you will find the task status change to "ClaimRequested." You can press the Assign button on the task to assign the task to the Student and approve the request.

Student can then work on the task for the amount of time allowed as per the task's "Time to Complete." The task will remain in the "Claimed" status and the clock on the task will mark the amount of time left to finish the work on the task.

If the Student does not complete the task in the allotted amount of time you can choose to extend the deadline for the Student by using the Extend Deadline button on the task.

Once the Student has uploaded work to the task you will receive an email notification that the work is ready for review. The email will include a direct link to the task so you can view the uploaded work. The Student has one of two options when uploading work: they can upload a file (which you can then download by clicking on the file's name on the task) or they can provide a URL for the work. If they provide a URL it will appear as a clickable link on the task. In either case the work will appear in the "Uploaded Work" section and the task's status will appear as "NeedsReview."

If you approve of the work the Student has done on the task you can Mark Task as Closed to complete it. If the task needs more work you can click the Needs More Work button on the task to send it back to the Student for improvement. If you ask the Student to improve their work you will want to give them some guidance as to what you want added/changed, etc. either by posting a new comment or chatting with the student directly on your IRC channel.

If you believe the Student won't complete the task or has claimed it in error, you can unassign the task from the Student. Please don't use this option lightly.

You can leave public comments for the Student directly on the task. Melange also leaves automatic comments when a task changes status.

You will receive email notifications of comments on the tasks you are a Mentor for and/or those that you have subscribed to receive mailing list notifications for. You can unsubscribe from these email notifications by pressing the Unsubscribe From Updates button on the task.

NOTE: Most of the content of this lesson is taken from the GCI melange Flossmanual. You can read that manual for more information about GCI.

If interested you can also read the student's guide to melange here.

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