What to do now? (Important resources)

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You would learn about various places from where you can learn about Drupal

This is an important lesson. We'll be discussing about various links and sites which you should visit.

Let's start. Before we do anything go to drupal.org and create and account. Do that first and then continue with the lesson. Now it is important that you go through various features of Drupal in your site which you had setup locally. If you were not able to, use Drupal gardens to get a Drupal site in minutes.

Now that you have enough information about Drupal, you can start contributing to Drupal.

  • Drupal documentation: This is the most complete and trustful source of information about Drupal. If you need help using Drupal or building a site with Drupal, consult User and Builder Guides. For a developer, the Developer Guides are very important source of knowledge.
  • Drupal developer documentation: This is the guide for developers. It contains information on how to setup developer environment, developing modules, etc.
  • Getting Involved Guide:This is the best answer to your question: 'How to get started?'. That page contains information about various ways you can connect with drupal community, various tasks you can pick up, testing codes and much more.
  • Coding Standards and best practices: Before writing a single line of code, it is highly recommended to go through this link. Atleast have a quick look over this guide so you remember it in future. It is important for you to follow coding standards. There is a separate guide for reading about User Interface standards.
  • Drupal API: Bookmark this site. Trust me it is very helpful site for developers. Instead of searching in the code to know more about a function use this site. You can try the site by typing 'hook_menu' in the search box and clicking on Search. Do you see a complete page for documentation about a function? Isn't this great? You get to see some example codes, list of key value pairs for the function, file for this function etc.
  • Drupal Stackexchange site: You are sure to get stuck at some points. Isn't it? Don't worry, Drupal has a stackexcahnge site where experts can answer your queries. Just post your questions and
  • Best Practices: This link contains some of the best tips to new programmers.
  • Drupal IRC: IRC's are the best way to get your issue solved quickly. Feel free to ask questions an doubts in IRC but importantly in the right channel. If you need help in setting up IRC and using IRC, use this link. Also Drupal has a cool bot called Druplicon on most channel. Feel free to read about it in your spare time.
  • Search Drupal: Most probably, you doubt has already been answered you just need to find it. Learn to search through d.o. TIP: 'd.o.' means drupal.org
  • Drupal Groups: If you have a interest in something particular, find and join a group about it to learn more. Groups can help you a lot.
  • Drupal Communities: Join a community of your area and you might get to participate in events. Going to an event helps a lot by introducing you to a lot of professionals.
  • Contribute to Drupal Ladder: If you choose to improve Drupal ladder then you can visit this link. The introductory video would help you get started

Some tools:

  • Drush: Drush is a powerful tool. It would help you a lot if you learn to use it. It can save lot of your precious time. Click here to go through a complete tutorial for it.
  • Simplytest.me: A great website which can help you a lot. It can evaluate Drupal projects online. That is you can test multiple projects online and even add patches for testing. It is very helpful to get a site of any version with any module and patch applied. You would use it a lot.
  • Pantheon: You can test a lot of drupal distribution here. This site allows to websites in free account. You might need it.
  • Dreditor: This chrome extension would help you a lot on d.o.
  • Drupal Ladder: This site can also help you a lot and we assume it is doing you now too. Use it, edit it, improve it, share it.
  • Devel: This module is like heaven for developers. It can quicken up your developmet process.