Install the module

Final / Up to date -- AWAITING PEER REVIEW
you will learn how to enable the module

This curriculum shows to build pages describing people and how to annotate them using the module. In this curriculum we will create a page that displays information for a specific person, and we will preview it in the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool.

Google Rich snippet preview of a person powered by the Drupal module and RDFa

We will use the Person type which is one of the types recognized by Google. You can see this recipe in action in the Drupal module screencast.

Background Information is a collaboration of Google, Yahoo! and Bing to standardize the way structured data is added to web pages. The vocabulary includes descriptive terms for content like movies, people, organizations, events, locations, etc. The goal is "to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages."


The module is installed like any other module.

Step I: Go to this link to download the schemaorg zip file. Place that zip file in sites/all/modules of your site and extract it.

Step II: Go to your site and click on Modules button to open Modules Configuration page.

Step III: Scroll down, go to SCHEMA.ORG section and check '' and ' UI' modules

Step IV: Scroll down further and click on 'Save Configuration'

That's it! We have successfully installed the module. :)