Introduction to GCI

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In this lesson we'll talk about GCI. We'll get the basic idea of what it is and why Drupal participates.

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Google Code-In (GCI) is an incredible program in which junior high and high school students are encouraged to participate in an exciting open source project, like Drupal! Open source projects participating in GCI create a list of short-term, high-impact tasks for students to work on.

Google Code-in is for 13-17 year old enthusiasts who are eager to learn about Open source and software development. Google asks open source organizations to submit an application with at least 25 quality tasks. You can have a look at the original application of Drupal for GCI 2013 at

Now Google selects 10 organizations out of all and asks them to create more tasks. In 2013, Drupal had around 185 tasks during the competition.

We'll learn more about GCI in the next lesson.

Why Drupal participated in GCI

In short, Google Code-in is a great opportunity for projects like Drupal to attract new enthusiasts that have potential to become good developers in the future. Many of the students from these past competitions are still a part of Drupal community and contribute a lot.

This question was also answered in the application of GCI 2013 by Drupal:

As an open source initiative looking to collaborate with and attract students to our project, Drupal feels that Code-in and Summer of Code are both priceless programs. After several years of participating in Summer of Code, Drupal was not accepted into the program in 2012 and this turned out to be devastating news to our community. Since not being accepted into SoC2012, several past SoC mentors (some original students) have been discussing and planning a way back into the programs. We're hoping to provide quality results with Code-in to help our chances of getting back into Summer of Code. In fact, our "core mentors" are planning to participate in both GCI and SoC if we're accepted to keep momentum moving year round. We believe that the children are our future and we hope to find/collaborate with as many of them as early as possible to show the world the power of open source at any age. Not to mention our newest version of Drupal (8) is currently being finished and we can use all the help we can find. Now is the perfect time for young contributors to join our community.

So, I hope you got the idea of this competition. Move to the next lesson to know more!

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