Consolidate duplicate or similar templates

Final / Up to date -- AWAITING PEER REVIEW
In this lesson you will consolidate templates in Drupal core.
  1. Choose a consolidation issue from the list on this meta
  2. Read the issue fully, and see what's left to be done: Create a patch, review a patch, re-roll a patch, or benchmaks.
  3. If a new patch needs to be created, study the two similar or duplicate functions, and replace calls to one with calls to the other
  4. Test your change: confirm that the output looks the same after the change. Note: additional preprocessing or reworking of source data may be required
  5. Once your consolidation code is working, create a patch.
  6. Test your own patch.
  7. Once your patch is confirmed working, add your patch to the issue and change the status to needs review

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