Install Drupal locally

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Downloading Drupal locally provides a safe place to experiment with code without affecting a live site or exposing confidential site data to others. This lesson will set up a local web server on a computer, and install Drupal on that web server.

There is a short video, Install Drupal Locally with Dev Desktop, that walks through this lesson.


This lesson assumes access to a computer with a Mac or Windows OS. If you are on Linux, you can install a web server appropriate to your distro. You can watch a video on installing a web server on Ubuntu. Note that if you are using Drupal 8, you will need at least PHP 5.4. On ubuntu, it is recommended to use Ubuntu 13.10 which ships with the required software versions by default (see Ubuntu 13.10 installation instructions)


This lesson has 3 sections:

  1. Install Dev Desktop
  2. Download Drupal 8
  3. Launch Drupal 8 on Dev Desktop

Note that these instructions use Dev Desktop, but there are other all-in-one web servers you can use, notably MAMP for Mac (Installation video) and WAMP for Windows (Installation video). On Linux you will need to install a web server based on the distro you are using. If you would like to have an entire virtual machine instance, with lots of other web server goodies, you can check out Drupal Pro or Drupal Quickstart or do it manually following these instructions from klausi.

If you have a web server already, you can follow these instructions from section 2: Download Drupal 8.


I seem to have a recurring minor problem when I install D8 on on my localhost. If the path is localhost/mydrupal8site none of the links work. However, if i create a VirtualHost file in etc/apache2/sites-available for the site, the links work.

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Can I install Durpal just for a website? or should I install it for all the sites from the same server?

@rickymic: As far as this Ladder lesson is concerned, you are installing Drupal and its required supporting tech as a bundle on your local machine for an isolated development environment. That way, you can tweak and experiment with your dev env to your heart's content without an internet connection and where it doesn't matter if you break it. Your question sounds as if you are looking for assistance with setting up a Drupal install as a live internet site which is a more appropriate question for or on the Drupal IRC channels.
Not trying to be unhelpful. Staying in scope is an important concept for dev work and I'm trying to exercise that discipline here.

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Downloading Drupal locally provides a safe place to experiment with code without affecting a live site or exposing confidential site data to others. This lesson will set up a local web server on a computer, and install Drupal on that web server. debt collection agencies

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Great instructions!
Thanks, Jeff.

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codes locally and making use of them for our programs. I have linked out onto the Install Drupal Locally with Dev Desktop page and got to know the installation procedures. Thank you for the detailed idea. It was a well written article.

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