Create a User

Draft status not available -- AWAITING PEER REVIEW
The learner will be able to create a user on a drupal site.

This lesson will guide the learner through creating a user and the options available surrounding this action.




1. Log in as administrator to the site
2. Select "People" on the administration bar
3. Select the "Add user" link
4. a) Enter a username and password in the registration overlay page which appears
b) Select whether the user account will be active or blocked
c) Select any additional roles you would like to grant the user (you can view the permissions associated with each role at admin/people
d) If you select the "Notify user of new account" checkbox the user will receive an email notification with their log in information.

5. Select "Create New Account" button
Congratulations! You have created a user.

6. Verify the existence of the user by navigating back to admin/people. They will now be listed in the list of users.