Managing students with Virtual SCRUM meetings

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This lesson teaches the basics of how students and mentors should communicated during the GSoC.

In software development, communication is critical. It allows for members of a team to ask questions, get clarification, raise and discuss potential issues, as well as make the development process go quickly and smoothly. Good communication now will save a lot of time in the future and is an essential part of a successful project. This lesson allows students and mentors to understand how they are expected to communicate over the course of the summer in order to lead to this success.


It is recommended mentors have a "virtual SCRUM" meeting lasting 15 minutes twice each week on Skype answering three questions:

  • 1. What have you accomplished since the last SCRUM?
  • 2. What will you accomplished before the next SCRUM?
  • 3. What is preventing you from finishing question 2?

This is great because the student learns about Agile methodologies and time management by utilizing 15 minute calls, which saves everyone time. Most importantly, the mentor is encouraged to document every SCRUM the student misses and the punctuality of student attendance to these meetings. SCRUMs are essential to the success of any project and should be considered in student evaluations. For example, if a student is disappearing around midterms and mentors have thoughts of failing the student, the number of missed SCRUMs could be used to build evidence on either side.