Introduction to Drupal

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This lesson will give you an introduction to Drupal and explain what it is.

Drupal is an open source content management platform which powers millions of websites and apps. In this ladder we'll talk about various things including what is Drupal, why you should utilize it, what you need to learn before starting...

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source and free web development platform that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization. Dries Buytaert began the Drupal software as a message board in 1999, and in 2001 was created. People from various countries started to contribute to Drupal and make it better. After so many years, Drupal powers millions of websites and has 1,050,000+ users and developers today.

Drupal's core is written in PHP. Drupal project follows principles such as code standards, modularity, extensiblity, low resource demands, ease of use and some more. These principles ensures that beginners can get started quickly with development and usage. Many of the world's biggest websites such as that of White House, The Economist, Harvard University, Sony Music trust Drupal for their web platforms.

How Drupal community works?

Many people around the world have contributed to this huge community. So this is a big advantage for new users. There are lot of people ready to help you to begin with Drupal development as well as usage. You can chat with the community in IRC, forums and events. There are many channels on IRC about Drupal. A complete list can be found here. Issues related to different projects are reported and solved here in the issue queues. We'll talk more about this in later lessons. The greatest asset of Drupal is its community, Drupal would not have been what it is today is it were not for the community.

Why should you use Drupal?

  • the oldest and most reliable CMS
  • a built-in taxonomy system
  • the most powerful and most advanced CMS on Earth
  • superior search engine optimization
  • its utterly secure
  • a large number of modules and themes
  • excellent documentation
  • Best part - Its free and open source and always will be :)

Why should you contribute to Drupal?

If you decide to work with Drupal, you

  • would learn hundreds of new things and gain a lot of experience
  • would talk to some of the best people from this field online
  • might contribute a piece of code to an application that would be used by more than a million people
  • would learn about development tools and practices used in professional software development
  • would learn how open source works, big communities manage, people interact and help each other

and most importantly

  • would gain knowledge about how to make a real-world application

There are many reasons for why getting started with Drupal is easy. Some of them are listed below:

  • Drupal's code contains lots and lots of comments
  • Drupal manages an extensive documentation for users as well as developers
  • There are many people ready to assist you
  • There are many resources available including books, podcasts, videos, articles, sites which cover almost everything you might need to know about

This was a basic introduction about our Drupal community and why you might be interested in joining us. Continue with next lesson if you want to learn more and more about Drupal.

Have a good day!

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Drupal is cool!

I believe the following changes to the page contents would be helpful. After all, the mission of Drupal Ladder is about encouraging participation rather than teaching someone to be able to go off on their own to code. I speak as a web dev that tends to hole myself up like a hermit when I work. ;-)

  1. Add a Resources heading with a link, for further reading, to the Understanding Drupal page
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    "In this ladder we'll talk about various things including Drupal software and why you should utilize it; the Drupal community and why should actively participate; and how you get started with both..."
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    The true value of Drupal is the community - the software would not and could not be what it is today without its thriving community of volunteers.
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As a novice Drupal sounds good to me after reading this . soon will be playing with it code and solving issues :)

nice introuction.

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