Customizing Display on the Node View

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This lesson will teach you how to change the display format of fields

In this lesson, you will learn how to customize the default display of the fields in the sample content type created in the previous lesson.

  • Complete the lessons "Creating a Content Type" and "Using a Content Type"

    Open Content Type's "Manage Display" tab
    After accessing the content type edit dialog, click on the 'Manage Display' tab

    Rearrange display order

    To rearrange the display order click and hold the 'move' icon to the left of the field name, and drag it to the desired location. Rearrange the order of the fields in any order. After you are satisfied with the order of the display fields you must click 'Save'.

    By default, all of the fields labels but the title are displayed on the content item preview page. Out of the box, Drupal has three label display options:

    • Above - display the label above the field data
    • Name

    • Inline - Display the label in the same line as the field data
    • Name ¬†¬†Peter

    • Hidden - does not display the title at all
    • Peter

    Each content item, has different display formats.

    For text fields you can choose one of the following four display formats:

    • Default - Displays the content of the text field the same way it was inserted.
    • Plain Text - Removes any html tags
    • Trimmed - Trims the length of the text based on predefined string length.
    • Hidden - Does not display the field data

    Long text have one additional display format

    • Summary or Trimmed


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