Create fields for affiliation and job title

Ready for review -- Last peer review: 25 Aug 2014
Complete the affiliation and job title properties.

Finally, Google requires the "affiliation" and "job title" fields to generate a preview.

  1. On the Manage Fields tab of your person content type, create a new field called "Affiliation". Select text in the type drop-down list. This will be mapped to the "affiliation" property.
  2. Repeat the same procedure to create the "Job title" field of type text. This will be mapped to the "jobTitle" property.

Here is a overview of the mappings

  • type --> Person
  • Image --> image
  • Affiliation --> Affiliation
  • Job title --> jobTitle

Make sure to have the right mappings on all these fields for the preview to work. You can change the field names as long as the mappings are correct, for example the 'Image' field could be called 'Photo' as long as the mapping is image.

Add content using the Person content type.
We will use Dries Buytaert in this example. Go to Add content --> Person.

Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

  • Title: Dries Buytaert
  • Image: Upload any image
  • Affiliation: Acquia
  • Job title: Co-founded and CTO

Click 'Save'.

If everything went as planned a node about Dries should have been created. The page can now be tested in the Google Rich Snippets testing tool, simply paste the URL of the page and hit preview.

This curriculum was inspired by the main documentation on where you can find more information about and how to use it on more types such as recipe and events.


It's not altogether clear in your steps that the user needs to go to the edit tab for the field and add in the type manually - your use of the phrase "This will be mapped to the "affiliation" property. " rather implies that this will happen automatically somehow. It's kind of obvious, I know, but since this is supposed to be for beginners it seems like an obvious way someone could trip up.