Create a Content Type

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This lesson is a reference for the content type we will use in this ladder.

1. Go to Structure > Content Types and click "add content type"

2. Name the content type "Family Guy Character".
3. Add a description like "A character from Family Guy".
4. In the "title field label" box, enter "First Name" then click "Save and manage fields".

5. You will then be at a page to manage fields (Structure > Content Types > Family Guy Character > Manage Fields), click "edit" on the field named "Body" and change the title to "Bio". Save the form.

6. Add a new field with the label "Last Name" and type text. Click save and keep all of the default configurations.
7. Keep adding new fields with the following labels/types/settings.

Format: Label/Type/Settings
Date of Birth/ Date / No default date
Birth Place / Text / Default Settings
Relatives / Text / Unlimited Values
Profile Picture / Image / Default Settings
Afterwards, the list of fields should like something like this:

Congratulations! You have just set up a content type.


In the field Related To the field type is listed as Text/unlimited/Node Reference, unlimited. What does Node Reference, unlimited mean?

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due the the Related To: field being a node reference field and that being a contrib modules field I belive that that rung should be completed before coming here.
Also to save the head ache of the person doing the rung we should provide a link to that module here

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I did not relize that the statius was for the node and not my comment. the above is calling for a review

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