Create a field 'image'

Final / Up to date -- AWAITING PEER REVIEW
you will learn how to create a field with the appropriate mappings

Now we'll add some fields and assign them various properties.


STEP 1: In the last part you would have clicked on 'Save and add fields'. It would open a page of 'Manage fields' tab. If you didn't click on that button you can now go to Structure -> Content types -> manage fields for Person type.

Type 'Image' in Add new fields text box. Select Image from the field type and click on Save.

STEP 2: Now in the next page click on 'Edit' tab.

STEP 3: At the bottom of this page, select 'image' from the auto-complete in Property of 'IMAGE SCHEMA.ORG MAPPING' section. Click on Save.

You have successfully added a new field.