Setup DrupalPro (alternative to local LAMP setup)

Ready for review -- Last peer review: 11 Sep 2014
This lesson will teach you how to setup a Drupal environment using a ready-made Virtual Machine

Use DrupalPro to setup an instant Drupal environment. It includes a complete LAMP stack (including xdebug), Drush 5.x, GIT, GIT gui's, choice of text editors or IDE's, etc.

  1. Download & Install Virtualbox (version 4.1.16+)
  2. Download the image: DrupalPro: Beta2 - works in 32 or 64bit environments
  1. Import virtual machine (.ova file):
    • Start Virtualbox
    • File -> Import Appliance -> Choose file... -> (select the downloaded ova image file)
    • Set RAM to 50% of your system RAM (minimum 1000MB)
    • If you have a multi-core CPU -- assign as many CPU's as you can spare. Virtualbox will only use when/whats needed.
    • Depending on your setup, you might need to disable HOST ONLY network card.
    • Import -> (wait for import to finish)
  2. Start developing!
    • username:password
    • Ubuntu = drupalpro:drupalpro
    • MySQL = root:drupalpro
    • Drupal = admin:admin

Update DrupalPro
To update DrupalPro, do this from inside DrupalPro when its running. (Always backup or take a snapshot before running updates of any-kind).

Press (F4) Key to open a terminal, then copy and paste these lines:

cd ~/drupalpro/setup_scripts
git add . # add any changes to index so we can stash everything
git stash save "stash my changes (probably just logs) before pulling in update"
git pull --rebase # update drupalpro
./ # run update script and follow prompts


This lesson is missing steps for what a novice contributor should do after importing the .ova file into VirtualBox - screen shots would be valuable here. Drush commands on the desktop wallpaper are inappropriate for the novice user climbing the ladder. A brief description of the tools included in the VM would be useful.

A separate ladder using the DrupalPro toolset could be useful - as it is now this is not a good alternative for someone trying to get started contributing to Drupal.

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