Install Drupal in a non-English language

Final / Up to date -- Last peer review: 6 Jul 2013
This lesson will teach you how add a non-English language to your Drupal site, and use that language for the installation process.

This lesson assumes that you:

  • Know how to use Git to get the latest Drupal 8 development code.
  • Know how to install Drupal (See Drupal core ladder)
  1. Begin the Drupal installation process by going to the site in your browser. At the "Choose Language" screen, select your non-English language from the language drop-down.
  2. Finish the installation as you normally would. You should see that at least some of the text during the installation process is in your selected language.

If you have manually downloaded the language file and saved it in the /sites/default/files/translations folder, the installation gives you options for English and the language you downloaded.

Not all strings will be translated, but enough strings should be translated to demonstrate that the translation is working.