About the Drupal Ladder project

The Goal of the Drupal Ladder is to have 1% of the Drupal Community contributing to core

About drupalladder.org

How to run a learn sprint

How to run an issue sprint

About drupalladder.org

drupalladder.org contains (or links to) lessons and materials to help people learn about and contribute to Drupal. The site was created by the Boston Initiative to help Drupal user groups develop and share and develop materials for learn sprints and issue sprints.

If you'd like to volunteer to help maintain the community website, please contact Bryan Hirsch.

Get involved

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Use drupalladder.org to:

  • Find lessons about contributing to Drupal
  • Work your way up the Drupal Ladder or other "learning ladders" and keep track of which lessons you have completed
  • Contribute lessons about contributing to Drupal
  • Get resources about organizing "learn sprints" and "issue sprints" for Drupal User Groups and Camps

Drupalladder.org is built on the Drupal Ladder installation profile which you can download here.